Sunday, December 30, 2007

hello world!


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

it's been long n i'll probably be moving blog.

i'm still giving DEEP thought abt it. lol

bye bye

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Can i have ur pic PLS!

So that I can tell santa wad I wan for Christmas??

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Last night,

as u can see...haha it was justin n kim's wedding dinner!
had loads of fun with my table pple!!
so let the pcitures do the taslking first..

my dear driver for the night! =)

my HANDSOME bro.!
i dun belive i'm saying this! haha

the one on the left is crazy BUT the one on the right is WORST!!! haha
seriously..samson got us cracking up the whole night..
PLUS Ee Ling who was just being her 'silly' self! hahahahahaha

and we had a terrorist at our table! haha
scary rite? i know! lol
This is my lovely table 6!
the girls were like all in black!
how cool rite?

so after the dinner off to look at BEAUTIFUL,
and i really meann beautiful lights in orchard!
last time when i was younger mummy use to always drive dw orchard rd during christmas to look at the beautiful lights!
and this year seriously is my favourite! =)

Today had sch!
i wasn't feeling tt good prob. due to too much laughter n coke frm the wedding..
haha so ya kept goin to the toilet(STARES AT IZ CHONG)
haha well well..
ended at 4pm..
went back with darling ping..
so decided to take an EMo Pic.. haha

tt's all manx..


even when the new comes,
dun ever forget the old ones.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

i'm kindda looking forward to christmas!
i dun believe i'm saying this but hell ya! =)
It's interesting how we always look back n regret the things we never did.
but then again..
as the year is coming to an end,
i wan my Almost "Brand New life".

it'll be really cool if mum were to let me out n come home late at night during christmas! =)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

been lazy to blog..
besides not in the blogging season mood..
heh so.. comoon test is on abt 2 weeks..
to be exact i think 15 days!
great job!
haven't studied!
i'm such a procastinator!
need to kill this damm habit!!!!
no more goin otu so often..
time t start studying!!
dun wanna get lousy results tt merely make me scrap through year 1!

alright tt's all for now.

Monday, November 19, 2007

met teresa on sat. at east coast...
Thanks to crew night! hahaha
wells had WHY GOD? before that so wore a nice dress tt mummy bought for me! =)
so made my way to ecp with alex..
i expected them to be done but they won't!
had some training on retail which was quite ok la..
well i didn't want to skate! cos i didn't expect them to start so late!
so waited for teresa to come..
cam whoring for us! =)

ok i know i look retarded! LOL
Wells right now i'm prepared to lose a fren.
A fren who turns away when u're talking.
A fren whom i once trusted.
A fren who lied to everyone abt something tt did not happen.
A fren whom i dun think i'll ever call tt person a fren again.
Lord pls help me to forgive.

Monday, November 12, 2007

So yesterday was busy doin Charity!
wheee skated around bugis to ask for donations n all..
next time if i see pple asking for donation i'll donate some money!
or at least smile nicely n say sorry..
not continue walking n walking n dao them as if they are invisible!

alright i dun have much pictures..
thanks to my 1.3 megapixel camera phone..
hahaha well.. only took a few the rest are with the other girls...

tt's all for now!
i'm tired.....

Friday, November 09, 2007

It's like 9.13 AM now..
taking photos in the morning for me = cork eye look
sorry if u think i'm ugly! haha
it's early in the morning! wad do u expect!!!!
pple sitting beside me now are:

Shar and Xiaoli! hahahaha
and obviously at the back are 2 idoits! haha
i was just feelin weird cos i dun have any pictures in my blog
for a long long long long time! haha

alrights soooo.. i haven't been late for sch this week!!!
Good Job becky!!! =)
pretty busy with church and sch!
It's great that camp registration lasted only 2 weeks!
then we can bring everything forward..yay!
but seriously.. the housekeeping officer evry slow pok..
must always remind her second time.. haiz..
No wonder God help ask to close registration early! heh

ok back to sch! =(
clark quay tonight.
work tml.
church tml.
church on sunday.
bugis on sunday!! (do come n support the make-a-wish foundation)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I just dun understand why pple steal?
seriously if u really WAN the money